Shine on awards

My function band Shine On won two awards at the 2016 Alive Network awards. We came first in the 'most improved booking percentage’ category and also placed in the social media category due to our Instagram posts. 2017 is looking like our best year yet and heading to Silk Mill studios to do some more recordings soon. 


A highlight from 2016 was playing at the Jam Tarts Choir Christmas Concert, ‘White Winter Hymnal’. This was a performance by the 60-strong indie choir of great music with at least some link to Christmas. I have been accompanying them for 18 months now, and as well as producing fantastic music, it is a pleasure to be part of such a friendly and supportive community.


As a treat for 2017 I have decided to upgrade some of my ageing equipment, so have been looking at some great new keyboards from Roland and also some new in-ear monitors. Looking forward to getting gigging with them, and on the look out for some new musical challenges this year.